Why Donate?

There are a bunch of reasons.It is too easy to say "because it is free". It is free and due to copyright issues, it will have to stay remain free - it is nothing wrong with that. Maybe it is difficult to ask :) Actually, when I came up with the site concept I wanted a paid site and I imagined that I will earn a lot of money with my great idea. But that is not the point - I guess I just want to keep doing what I love and would love to do  for most of my time: dig into music, improve my playing and keep a sort of "a diary" through making these lessons. I wish to dedicate my time and continue developing them, so I am asking for support so I can do that.

I do believe in crowdfunding and free content, I do believe the Internet community can maintain good ideas and I just hope mine is good enough for that. I have drawn some funny little calculations on funny little slips of paper ... and I came to the conclusion that if I get a 1000 people who are really interested  in my great big idea then all I need is half a dollar from each person monthly. With that, I would be more than well - I could both put money into developing the site and buy some good food to fuel my fingers as well. Cool, huh? :)

Okay, watch this for example:


So basically, I am asking you - if you are among the ones who can afford to support this idea and project with anything, please do - let's help all the other DigThatBass readers! It is much appreciated.

Nice encouraging words are appreciated as well but for that, you'll have to go to the Contact menu :) ... and they really are appreciated: thanks to Michael Furia, the first ever person commenting on the Facebook site; thanks to Marcus, Chuck Scarlett and Thom Kissinger. These guys were kind enough to drop me some nice, encouraging words through the contact menu.

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