Thanks to the bassplayers who responded when I emailed them about my idea.

Thanks to Gary Willis, Matthew Garrison, Dominique Di Piazza, John Patitucci, Evan Marien, Linley Marthe, Hadrien Feraud, Flex, Junior Ribeiro Braguinha, Horvath Pluto Jozsef and Jeff Berlin (who replied to me in Hungarian as well) and thanks to the management of Richard Bona and Avishai Cohen. They are not only the greatest since I love their playing, but because of the fact that they took their time and responded to an unknown guy. They were all really cool. At the time I emailed them, the idea was to have a paid site - most of them even allowed to use excerpts of their music for that purpose.

Thanks to Pluto for sharing all his knowledge and philosophy with me and for helping break barriers.

Thanks to Ujvárossy Andor to whom I kept sending all the design-related stuff for criticism and advice.

Thanks to Potys Róbert, Nagy Krisztián, Kiss Gabó and Tóth Fecó for their time to answer my questions, make suggestions and feedbacks.

Thanks to Galyas Marcell and Hegyaljai-Boros Zoltán for helping and doing all the notation stuff.

Thanks to Mayer István for the help with the mono-stereo jack adaptor.

Thanks to Kanóc, aka Roland Adrián Takács for the kindness, for lending me his external sound card and all the Warwick basses.

Thanks to my parents who despite their initial skepticism about music-related careers, fully support the idea and me. :)

Thanks to Barbara for all her care, support and encouragement.

Thanks to anyone who supports/supported me and I am just too lame to remember it.