About the Project

This project has a double benefit: I keep myself pushing so my playing improves and I keep myself pushing so I can prepare high quality lessons which are inspiring and improve your playing.

The core idea of this project is to use real music to learn bass. With real, I mean they are not examples from a book or an exercise for learning the C major scale - they are pieces of music played in a live setting or in a song on an album.

Sure it is important to know the scales, but why not have some fun while learning as well? So after you know what a C major is ... why simply not check out what great artists did with those scales? Why do not get inspired and get to know some weird ideas over a C major? Are you going to use those scales in that way as you practice them? Is the answer "no"? Then why spend more time with them, then needed? Why should not we try to keep a healthy balance of the technical and the musical? The methodological and spontaneous?

The main focus of the lessons will be small, approx. 10 second long musical excerpts from great artists' playing. These excerpts will be long enough to have some musical meaning and short enough to have tons of new information in them - you can start working with them immediately. Some of the stuff will be difficult to play , so you can take them as dexterity builders or technical exercises as well. If you are a beginner, just be patient, some of that stuff needs some time - even months. You should not be demotivated, just keep practising steadily and if you cannot play something up to speed - you do not necessarily have to learn them fast. Just pick the new information and make use of it. You could also check out the Manual menupoint for some further help for approaching these lessons.

As you can see, I am playing a standard Squier Jazz bass (well, with a few modifications) - my aim is to show that you can play all the stuff on a basic 4 string bass. Do not misunderstand me, I love 30 fretted 5 and 6 string basses (above 7 strings, I do not really get it, but that's just me :) ...still, I do not think of a Squier Jazz Bass as a confinement. I just try to fully exploit it and I am currently nowhere on that way... I think that on a simple Jazz bass, you can still make great music and be a great bassist. Of course a Fodera is a much-much better instrument and a dream to play and I'd love to have one one day (hmm, maybe a car first) but I still remember complaining about the same bass I am using now. I felt it  that it is not good enough and difficult to play - hearing that, my teacher, Pluto plugged it into a very poor amp and made that same bass sing and shine for me. Since then I just tried to get my sound rather from my fingers instead of compressors and tweaking electronics. I do think good gear is important but the point is, most of your sound comes from You and if that is good enough, you can sound good on (almost) any instrument and gear!

I just hope this project will help you reach that personal sound and the goals you set yourself with your  instrument! Good luck with it and if you have any thoughts or suggestions, just comment or drop a message under the Contact menu point!